Logo Overlap: NYC Third Rail Operations = Rayo Vallecano

The New York City Transit Third Rail Operations badge must have been designed by a Rayo Vallecano supporter.

It’s obvious. Just look at the font, the lightning bolt (the rayo), the soccer crest-style symbols decorating the badge.

I used to live about a dozen blocks from el Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas, the quintessential neighborhood soccer field, back when it was still named Estadio Teresa Rivero after its former president. The stadium is a perfect rectangular park that comprises exactly one city block and is wedged between apartment buildings. In 2011, I walked through Vallecas the day Rayo earned promotion to La Liga and the streets and bars were jammed with supporters celebrating the win. It was a very cool moment.

For me, that sneaky electric subway crest is like a little Easter egg plastered in stations throughout the NYC subway system.

Third Rail Operations at the Barclay’s Center subway station in Brooklyn

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