Diego Simeone as the Bad Guy in Grease

Tapping the assistant referee’s head? Not a good look, bro.

In general, Diego Simeone seems cool and passionate. He busted the Barcelona/Real Madrid La Liga Duopoly last season and brought Atletico to the Champions League final. He’s loyal to his players and they seem to love him. Simeone was a fantastic, gritty defensive midfielder who was once Argentina’s most capped player. 

It’s SimEarth and we’re all just living in it. But palming the fourth official’s head made him seem like an emasculating, patronizing bully.

I would probably hate him if he coached, say, Real Madrid. Especially since he fashions himself a B-Movie villain. He’s like Leo “Crater Face” Balmudo, the bad guy from Grease. They both dress in black, slick back their hair, act like tough guys and have pockmarked faces:
villain from grease diego simeone, bad guy from grease,
Diego Simeone or the Bad Guy from Grease?
bad guy from grease or diego simeone, crater face, simeone the villain
“It takes more than a coat of paint to make it at Thunder Road or the Vicente Calderon!”

Don’t take the role home with you, Simeone. Stay cool. 

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