The 2014 World Cup Tour of NYC Itinerary

My interview with Rede Globo, Brazil’s biggest television station. Their question: What’s the best part about the World Cup in NYC?

From June 12, 2014 to July 13, 2014 I traveled around the Five Boroughs (with a few forays into New Jersey) to see how New York City experienced the World Cup. I documented all my experiences here on Check out the full itinerary for the The World Cup Tour of NYC.

I kicked off my trip in Manhattan’s “Little Brazil,” a sterile gray block that swarmed with yellow-kitted Brazilian fans celebrating the start of the tournament. A month later, I stood along the East River at a huge German viewing party when Die Mannschaft defeated Argentina to claim Germany’s fourth World Cup title.

In between, I visited West African eateries along 116th St., a dynamic Iranian viewing party in the West Village, an unexpected Costa Rican gathering at a party hall in Dover, NJ and a Croatian bar packed with hooligans in Astoria.

All told, I visited 25 unique soccer spots in and around NYC — a different bar, restaurant, party or cultural center every day that there was a match.

I named my blog in honor of Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan, who stood out to me as the most memorable player from the 2010 World Cup. When the tournament started, I wondered who would be my 2014 Asamoah Gyan, the person who defined the tournament. I figured I would find him or her somewhere off the 7-Train or amid a crowd in a cramped African restaurant. But looking back, how could I choose just one person? One place? One match?

I had an incredible month and I couldn’t imagine a better city to experience the World Cup than New York.

— David Brand, Brooklyn, NY


Every day during the 2014 World Cup, I visited a different bar, restaurant or cultural center in and around NYC to watch the tournament. Each site corresponded with at least one team playing in the game.

Click the dates for the deets

Thursday, June 12: Brazil 3 – 1 Croatia at Ipanema on W. 46th St. in Little Brazil, Manhattan

Friday, June 13: Spain 1 – 5 Netherlands at La Nacional on W. 14th St. in Manhattan

Saturday, June 14: England 1 – 2 Italy  at D’Jais in Belmar, NJ and Connolly Station in Belmar, NJ

Sunday, June 15: Argentina 2 – 1 Bosnia my parents’ home and the Bosniak Cultural Center of North New Jersey in Hackettstown, NJ

Monday, June 16: Ghana 1 – 2 USA at Harlem Tavern in Harlem, Manhattan

Tuesday, June 17: Russia 1 -1 South Korea at 5 Bar Karaoke Lounge on West 32nd St. in  Koreatown, Manhattan

Wednesday, June 18: Cameroon 0 – 4 Croatia at Cafe Bar Scorpio in Astoria, Queens

Thursday, June 19Japan 0 – 0 Greece at Athens Cafe in Astoria, Queens

Friday, June 20: Honduras 1 – 2 Ecuador at El Pequeño Coffee Shop in Jackson Height, Queens

Saturday, June 21: Argentina 1 – 0 Iran at an Iranian viewing party at Warren 77 in the West Village, Manhattan

Sunday, June 22: USA 2 – 2 Portugal (ouch) at Kent Ale House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Monday, June 23: Croatia 1 – 3 Mexico at Hot Jalapeño on 116th Street in East Harlem, Manhattan

Tuesday, June 24: Greece 2 – 1 Cote d’Ivoire at New Ivoire Restaurant in East Harlem, Manhattan

Wednesday, June 25: Nigeria 2 – 3 Argentina at La Savane in Harlem, Manhattan

Thursday, June 26South Korea 0 – 1 Belgium at BXL East in Midtown Manhattan

Friday, June 27: Time to relax.

Saturday, June 28: Colombia 2 – 0 Uruguay at Cafecito Bogota in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Sunday, June 29: Netherlands 2 – 1 Mexico at Hurley’s Saloon in Times Square, Manhattan

Monday, June 30: France 2 – 0 Nigeria at Chez Lucienne on Lenox Ave. in Harlem, Manhattan

Tuesday, July 1: Belgium 2 – 1 USA at Smithfield Hall in Chelsea, Manhattan

Wednesday, July 2: Back to the Mets.

Thursday, July 3: Alright. Enough of that.

Friday, July 4: France 0 – 1 Germany at Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten in Soho, Manhattan

Saturday, July 5Netherlands 0 – 0 Costa Rica. Netherlands won 4-3 on penalty kicks at Pancho Villa Rodeo, which hosted a Costa Rican viewing party in Dover, NJ 

Sunday, July 6: No game today

Monday, July 7: No game. Semifinals tomorrow! 

Tuesday, July 8: Brazil 1 – 7 Germany in Bryant Park. Unbelievable. 

Wednesday, July 9: Netherlands 0 – 0 Argentina. Argentina won 4-2 on penalty kicks at Bier International in Harlem, Manhattan

Thursday, July 10: My birthday

Friday, July 11: No game

Saturday, July 12: Brazil 0 – 3 Netherlands at the Asbury Park Yacht Club Bar in Asbury Park, NJ

Sunday, July 13: Germany 1 – 0 Argentina at the huge Zum Schneider viewing party along the East River near 23rd St in Manhattan

Monday, July 14: 😦

photo (6)
Beer-soaked fans celebrate Germany winning the 2014 World Cup

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