Stop the bespoke epidemic in soccer writing

Remember that catchy 2008 Estelle and Kanye West jam ‘American Boy?’ Kanye’s lyric: “Before he speak his suit bespoke” was the first time I had encountered that cool new word. Bespoke. Nice. I heard the song on the radio, remembered the lyric, hopped on my computer a few hours later, searched the web for the definition and learned… Continue reading Stop the bespoke epidemic in soccer writing

My Cultural Exchange with Iran

The Match: Argentina v. Iran The Date: Saturday, June 21, The Summer Solstice — Anything is possible today The Venue: Warren 77 in the West Village of Manhattan, the unofficial headquarters for Iran supporters in New York City Lionel Messi smiles at me from 1000 taxi cabs and bus stops. A “Don’t Miss Buenos Aires” advertising campaign has swept New York… Continue reading My Cultural Exchange with Iran

La Pequeña Quito

The Match: Honduras v. Ecuador The Date: Friday, June 21 The Venue: El Pequeño Coffee Shop in Jackson Heights, Queens. Actually, all of Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights where pumped up Ecuadorians celebrated their win. I wrote the first draft of this post while I watched Ghana draw Germany and put serious pressure on the USA in their… Continue reading La Pequeña Quito

To Bosnia with Love, from Hackettstown

The Match: Argentina v. Bosnia and Herzegovina The Date: Sunday, June 15, Father’s Day The Venue: My parents’ house and the Bosniak Community Center in Hackettstown, NJ A small library opened in my town when I was in kindergarten. Around the same time, I met my first Bosnian immigrant, a boy named Asmir. Asmir was a new… Continue reading To Bosnia with Love, from Hackettstown