Queens has a new pro soccer club — and we were right all along

Photo by Carlos Delgado via Wikimedia Commons

It’s official: Queens is getting a new professional soccer club — but you already knew that because you read SoccerInNYC.com.

The site has been on a hiatus for the past few months, but I’m back. Inspired by today’s official announcement introducing new USL Championship side Queensboro FC to remind you that we were on this story for the past 13 months.

Back on Oct. 4, 2018, the Queens Daily Eagle, the paper I edit, first wrote about Queens’ likely new club with information about the name, the league and the role of co-owner David Villa. The story was below the fold on our cover that day.

Below the fold of the Oct. 4, 2018 Queens Daily Eagle

After a little bit of sleuthing by soccer writer Chris Kivlehan and me, many details of the club emerged, but elected officials who knew about the plans stayed silent until today.

Now it’s official. Queens has a pro soccer club. Queensboro FC will kick off at York College in 2021 and play some games at Citi Field — which had a test run when NYCFC played a home playoff match there last month.

David Villa is part of the Queensboro FC ownership group, and the club has a glossy website and social media branding.

It also has some eager early adopters. Within a day the club has accumulated more than 1,100 Twitter followers, and Queens Councilmember Fransisco Moya is daydreaming about the homegrown players of the future.

“I’m a Queens boy, so to have my team coming into the borough, built on the model of local neighborhood clubs, is great,” Moya told me today. “Some kid playing in Flushing Meadows Corona Park will one day be playing in the Queensboro FC jersey.”

That is a pretty cool thought. But what does it mean for the Cosmos, the historic NYC soccer club that was supposed to compete in the USL Championship division? It’s unclear.

And while the news of a pro side in Queens is exciting, some Cosmos supporters are pissed off about how this is going down. The new arrivals may be pushing Cosmos out of the picture.

“The ML$ and the U$L are in a business where sports entertainment takes precedence over soccer,” said Cosmos community liaison Nicholas Alexandrakos. “In order to protect their monopoly and their financial interests they act as if the game was first introduced to the US in 1996. “

“As students of history, we know they are selling smoke.  In Ancient Rome they called this racket ‘Fumum Vendere,'” he added. “Most nations would be proud of their sporting history.  Here it is buried.”

But maybe there’s enough room in the five boroughs for two USL sides?


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