Parquet Courts’ Total Football Pop-up Shop is Open on Canal Street

pc total football wide awake
Photo: Rough Trade

For the next nine days, one of my favorite bands is hosting viewing parties for my favorite event at Rough Trade Records inside the Canal Street Market.

Parquet Courts’ Total Football pop-up shop opened yesterday through June 17. The band, who famously sing about Ridgewood and soccer, ask fans to join them at their “communal clubhouse” to buy merchandise, watch the World Cup and play custom Parquet Courts foosball.

The venue will show the following matches:

June 15:
• 11am – Morocco v Iran
• 2pm – Portugal v Spain
June 16:
• 12pm – Peru v Denmark
• 3pm – Croatia v Nigeria
June 17
• 11am – Germany v Mexico
• 2pm – Brazil v Switzerland

In an interview with, Parquet Courts members discussed how their love for soccer influenced their album, which includes the progressive manifesto track ‘Total Football” named after Holland’s innovative  1970s playing style.

“[Total Football] is where the ideological springboard for the song comes from, the Total Football theory,” singer Andrew Savage said. “But it’s more about this kind of new energy that I think is happening in America where young people are starting to have more of an inclination towards collectivism and less of the kind of hyper-masculine super individual cliché that America has emphasized that is rejected in the last line of the song, “Fuck Tom Brady”, you know. It’s about people’s desire to be together and stand for something ideologically.”


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