Soccer in the Shadow of NYCFC Stadium


Mulally Park sits on the north side of Yankee Stadium – behind left field, an area few Yankee and NYCFC fans visit if they don’t already live in the Bronx – between Jerome Ave and the 4 Train. It has a skatepark, several basketball and handball courts, grassy fields, flowered walkways and two tight, green rectangles atop a small hill, empty until school lets out and soccer players flood the turf.

As you play, you can glance up at the Yankee Stadium lettering above the scoreboard in centerfield and the team flags along the famous facade at the home of NYCFC. Aside from traffic along Jerome Avenue, the park remains quiet thanks to the cliff looming on the other side of Jerome. To reach the summit, you need to hike challenging ‘step streets’ that traverse the hilly Bronx.

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