The Match: Colombia v. Uruguay The Date: Saturday, June 28 The Venue: Cafecito Bogotá on Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn Was fourteen a tough age for you? I was a freshman in high school and because of a knee injury, I couldn’t play on my high school’s freshman team with most of my friends. I missed out on… Continue reading ¡Eso!

All the countries I love + Belgium

The Match: South Korea v. Belgium The Date: Thursday, June 26 The Venue: BXL East, East Midtown, Manhattan I recently realized that I have a strong and seemingly irrational affinity for pretty much half the countries in the world. I was aware that I feel a connection to various nations, but I never reflected on my feelings nor analyzed their origins. Here’s… Continue reading All the countries I love + Belgium

The World Meets Along 116th Street

The Match: Nigeria v. Argentina The Date: Wednesday, June 25 The Venue: La Savane in “Le Petit Senegal” a portion of W. 116th St. in Harlem The world meets at 116th Street, a wonderful demonstration of New York City’s ethnically and economically blended culture. Let’s take a trip across 116th St. so you can see what I mean. Your start walking west from the… Continue reading The World Meets Along 116th Street

“That’s football” : Philosophy among the Ivorians.

The Match: Greece v Cote d’Ivoire The Date: Tuesday, June 24 The Venue: New Ivoire in East Harlem “That’s football,” a cabdriver named Cain told me after Cote d’Ivoire lost to Greece on a penalty kick in the 93′. Cain approached me on the street outside New Ivoire restaurant and shrugged his shoulders. “That’s what happens in this game. Now… Continue reading “That’s football” : Philosophy among the Ivorians.

CONCACAF Represent! From the Mexican Enclave in Spanish Harlem

The Match: Croatia v. Mexico The Date: Monday, June 23 The Venue: Hot Jalapeño in East Harlem, Manhattan I’m rooting hard for Mexico to go deep in this World Cup for two reasons.  First, when a CONCACAF team succeeds, the whole region looks more powerful (We have to stay ahead of those Oceanians and Asians!). The US Men’s National Team’s recent success… Continue reading CONCACAF Represent! From the Mexican Enclave in Spanish Harlem

Something special stolen

The Match: USA v. Portugal, the harshest tie in history The Date: Sunday, June 22 (2-2, we should have known) The Venue: Kent Ale House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn The beer I launched in the air after Clint Dempsey’s go-ahead goal was still dripping from the ceiling when the game ended. My phone was loaded with depressed, profane text messages.… Continue reading Something special stolen

My Cultural Exchange with Iran

The Match: Argentina v. Iran The Date: Saturday, June 21, The Summer Solstice — Anything is possible today The Venue: Warren 77 in the West Village of Manhattan, the unofficial headquarters for Iran supporters in New York City Lionel Messi smiles at me from 1000 taxi cabs and bus stops. A “Don’t Miss Buenos Aires” advertising campaign has swept New York… Continue reading My Cultural Exchange with Iran